Hagerty – Classic Car Insurance

A lot of people assume there’s a certain age that qualifies a vehicle as collectible, but that’s not necessarily true. We provide coverage for vehicles that are*:

  • Appreciating or maintaining a steady market value
  • In good condition
  • Kept in a secure, enclosed storage facility
  • Not used for a daily or backup transportation

*Additional program guidelines apply

Why specialty insurance?

  • Lower premiums than standard insurance
  • Coverage for the way you use your care
  • Coverage that accounts for your car’s real value
  • Claims handled by classic car experts

What we are prepared to offer:

  • Guaranteed Value coverage – The policy guarantees your car’s value, with no depreciation
  • Knowledgeable service – Available to help seven days a week
  • Valuation expertise – Helps you get the right coverage for your car
  • On-staff Claims adjusters trained in auto repair – they know how to make your car whole again
  • Repair Shop – We can even pay you to do the work
  • Flexible usage – Great cars were made to be enjoyed
  • Coverage for travel, transport, spare parts and more – Everything a classic car owner needs