By Team Member | June 8, 2020

How Much Business Insurance?

Hello. My name is Christi Skarosi and I am with the Heath insurance and financial group. And today I wanted to talk to you about some questions in reference to business insurance. A lot of people wonder what their limits should be for their policy. Generally, we recommend on a general liability policy, at least a million, two million, because most times that will fall in a minimum premium anyway. Business auto, we recommend a minimum of 300,000 on a combined single limit, but we can always cater the policy based on the needs of the business. Also, a lot of people ask, if you can pay your insurance monthly on a business insurance policy. And yes you can. Different carriers have different down payment requirements and different payment plans, but most will honor a monthly. So I hope this addresses your questions. I look forward to going over more subjects in the future. Thank you.

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