By abraham | June 21, 2023

Beat Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs (North Augusta, SC)

The cost of health care insurance is skyrocketing for businesses and employees, and when medical attention is actually needed, less and less is covered. Let’s review a typical scenario. Widgets R US provides health care insurance plan options to its employees, splitting the monthly costs with them. Mickey, a faithful Widgets R Us employee, has noticed these costs rising every year. One day, Mickey’s daughter, Amy, breaks her leg. As bad as he feels for Amy, Mickey feels relieved that he has a health care plan in place because he and his wife don’t have much of savings. While at the hospital, Mickey’s emotion changes from relief to stress when he learns that his insurance will only pay medical costs after he spends the 1st $3000! In this all too typical scenario, Mickey and Widgets R Us both lose. Not only is Mickey in a real financial bind, he can’t seem to focus on his job. Luckily, Widgets R Us wanted to do something to solve these issues. After contacting our agency, we custom-tailored a solution that worked with Widgets R Us existing medical plan. The result; every month Widgets R Us saves money and Mickey saves money. If Amy were to break her leg, it costs Mickey nothing. In addition, Mickey receives $300 in cash immediately to spend on anything he needs. More good news? Mickey selected another low-cost option that gives him great relief. He now knows that if cancer were to strike, he’ll have extra money that might be required to pay for special doctors and treatments not covered in his medical plan. So, why don’t all companies have this great solution already in place? These options aren’t offered by most insurance companies, so they aren’t made aware of their existence. Also, smaller businesses have only very recently been allowed to take advantage of them. Our agency is on a mission to make sure local businesses in our community know about this unique solution to eliminate grave holes in healthcare coverage and reduce costs. Contact us ASAP for details.

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