Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

A boat is a serious investment for anyone. Insurance is needed, and the average home or auto insurance policy will not cover it. If you want to purchase a boat or have one uninsured, then take a look at the benefits of having affordable and comprehensive boat insurance.

Are You Covered?

Many boat owners mistakenly believe their boat is partially or fully covered by their auto or home insurance. If you have not specifically purchased insurance that covers your boat, then you can’t be certain things are in order. If price is an issue, you can consider bundling several policies. Speak to an insurance agent so your boat will be sufficiently covered on the water and on land.


An insurance agent can help you determine how much insurance you need. Much like other forms of insurance, the total coverage is generally determined by the value of the craft. Other factors that affect the policy include the size of the boat, horsepower, type of engine, where it is stored, where it is used, and how often.

Get Coverage

It would be nice if accidents never happened. And some boat owners think boating accidents will never happen, but that is an expensive mistake. It’s not cheap to repair or replace a boat. You also have to consider damage to other people and their property. A comprehensive boat insurance policy is a good investment for any boat owner.