Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is insurance coverage for business vehicles. If you have one vehicle or several for business purposes, then commercial auto insurance is what you need. A commercial auto policy is property and casualty insurance that covers vehicles that are used in business. It is similar to personal auto insurance, but differs slightly.

This coverage is for vehicles used predominantly for business purposes. So this means anyone with business vehicles needs coverage. It could be a car you own that you use for conducting business or it might be for autos you own used by employees for business.


Commercial auto insurance is more comprehensive than personal auto insurance. For example, a person might have liability insurance, which is the minimum amount required by law. But business vehicles have more value, so you want to have full coverage. Commercial auto policies have physical damage insurance, which includes collision and comprehensive coverage. Then there is liability insurance, which includes coverage for property damage, bodily injury and uninsured drivers. And there is additional coverage for things such as medical payments, towing costs and rental reimbursement.

Most commercial policies offer the same basic coverage, and then you can add additional coverage to suit your needs.


Commercial auto insurance is beneficial because your business vehicles will be covered against loss. Also, your drivers will have liability coverage in case they cause an accident. There really is no downside to having insurance for your business vehicles.