Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental Insurance Basic Information

Supplemental insurance is a supplement to primary insurance. It can only be used in conjunction with a primary insurance policy. Most people use supplemental insurance to cover holes left by their traditional insurance plan.

This type of insurance is most popular as supplemental healthcare. Healthcare is a main concern for most people, especially as they get older. Emergencies arise and primary insurance may not provide adequate coverage.

Supplemental coverage is common among senior citizens. They get the additional protection because their healthcare costs are usually astronomical. But also, parents with small children often get this insurance for their kids. The meaning of this policy is to cover out-of-pocket expenses that primary insurance does not.

Keep in mind that supplemental coverage cannot stand on its own. You must have a primary insurance policy. The primary insurance policy provides the bulk of benefits, and the supplemental coverage is just a back up.
You can get supplemental coverage to go along with accident insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, health insurance and more.

The benefit of supplemental insurance is that it reduces out of pocket costs. It can work along with all types of insurance, so you can cover all your bases.